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Places You Can locate Reliable Seasonal Workers - Fundia Capital

Places You Can locate Reliable Seasonal Workers

People involved in retail business are getting ready for the Christmas season, even though its looks like Christmas is still very far, they have started making preparations for it. With the number of people who will be patronizing the stores during the holidays, you will definitely need to employ more hand to help you attend to your customers because in this season the cash inflow will be at the high side. As the holiday season is approaching and the year gradually coming to an end, I think this is the perfect time to employ more hands in preparation for the season.

What’s Your Options for the Season?

Part-time employees are different from each other, so if you are thinking of employing any part-time worker, here are three options that you must take note when making the decision.

Temp Workers: Most times unskilled labors are temporarily hired for short periods (e.g. 2-3 months), and they can be used for jobs like administrator, stock keeper or sales personnel.

Contract Employees: You might decide to retain them if they impress you. Some contract employees are skillful and can work in specific positions like managerial post or any other posts that need skilled personnel.

Part-Time Help: If you have a business that can support it, the holiday periods is great time to make use of permanent part-time workers. They normally work around 20-30 hours a week.

Why Temporary Workers are Preferred  

Considering the nature of your business, you might not necessarily need a full time worker, getting an extra hand would be better during the holiday season to assist you throughout the celebration season till January.

When you employ temporary workers they help you control the inflow of customers and ensure that all your customers are served especially on the eve of Christmas. Knowing that your staffs are there to attend to your customers all through the year, you don’t need to worry yourself because their work is temporary, relieving them of their work is needless. With your temporary workers taking care of your business during the season, you will be able to focus more on how to improve your business so you could attract more customers.

How to Locate Them

It is better you begin the search for your workers early before the season comes to avoid the rush hour and for you not to scramble to satisfy your customers. Below are some tips you can use to locate the best seasonal workers.   

Job Boards: If your business is located in a rural area, this option is best for you because you will be attracting more workers within your environment. When putting up job boards, you should be specific of the kind of workers you need to avoid getting the wrong kind of person for the job.

   Craigslist: This is a place where you can get unskilled workers.  

   Help Wanted Sign: You can easily get temporary staffs by putting up help signs. Although this method is old but shouldn’t be ignored.

   Local Universities: during this period, a lot of students are on holiday so they will be sticking around seeking for temp jobs, you can visit the university career center to create awareness that you will need temporary workers for the season.    

  Staffing Company: there are a lot of companies who specializes in recruiting temporary workers; you could try out the staffing company, if you desperately need staffs.

How to ensure your Hiring Efforts become Successful

The number one step for you to take when preparing for the holiday season is getting more hand. However there are still more works to do, before the cash register begin to sing.

 You have to take into consideration the personality of who you are hiring, also when hiring a cashier his/her work experience is not important you, should focus more on his/her relationships with your customer, if it is appealing to them , (especially since so many of them get irate this time of year). Look for off-the-resume skills like being outgoing or curious.

   Think of hiring a new store manager temporarily if you are the one in charge of managerial position. You will have enough time to yourself without dealing with people directly.  

   Develop new training plan which you can quickly use to hire new employers.

Set schedules for the holiday as quick as possible. We all want time off so as to enjoy the holiday season, however, make them realize that the fact that they are working temporarily doesn’t mean that there won’t be extra time off.

   Let the new workers start the job before the holidays period kicks off to be able to watch them and help them grow in their customer service skills. You want to be rest assured that your workers will perform well even when under pressure.

When you are satisfied with the services of your temporary worker, offer to hire him/her again. The more staffs you have already, who are trained will residue this process each year.

When you have the right temporary workers, you can make a great difference as the holiday season tends to move smoothly. If you invest your time into searching and training your temporary worker, everything should workout. By next year, you will be happy that your hard work paid off!