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How to Be a Great Boss Without Becoming a Jerk - Fundia Capital

How to Be a Great Boss Without Becoming a Jerk

What can you do to be a great boss who inspires your team to become more productive, without letting your staffs fear or dislike you? Most business owners with senior staff of companies are in the position of supervising other workers. In case you are in that same position in your work with less experience or with little or no passion for the job, you can easily become frustrated and your leave your team demotivated. However, managing your team successfully is a crucial when you are running a profitable organization. Here are some things you can do to avoid and to ensure that you become an effective boss, without having any issue with your staffs.

Less Communication

One major complaint that employees have about their manager was the issue of communication, based on a recent research by the National Business Research Institute. Being able to delegating tasks effectively is an art. It can be extremely difficult to balance communication if you haven’t managed staffs before. Having less communication with your staffs is a serious problem that can result in low-performance of employees and manager can eventually become frustrated.

Being Specific will yield great outcome and gives your staffs a clear target to aim for. When you are delegating task, ask yourself the questions below:

   Have you fully explained what should be done, with a clear deadline?

   Are you specific about what the final should be?

   Do you have a clear success metrics which can be refer back to track success?


On the other side of communication spectrum is micromanaging. Micromanaging is one major problem encountered by business owners anytime they are having a difficult time letting go details. Textbook micromanaging is when a manager wants to updates the slightest details of an assignment; dictates the entire process that should be used to carry out the assignment or who constantly interrupts the process and this delays the speed of the work. As the owner of the business, relax and ask yourself what you really want to achieve on a particular task. Determine the point that requires process and how often you require updates so that you will be at rest. Then find way to step back and rate the success of employee based on result. If you can stop micromanaging and have more free time, then you will be able to face other on activities that are profitable.

Not paying attention to staff’s Feedback

Big firms normally have a formal feedback programs for capturing insights from their staffs and with good reason. Your team will have knowledge into everything going on from customer relationships to internal processes improvements. How regular are you demanding for and taking time to listen to their input? The final decisions that drives your business depends on you. But when you are able to gather enough information, it will put you in a very strong position for you to be able to make great decisions. Getting feedbacks from employee is going to keep your business on track therefore allowing your staffs feel they are being listened to and valued.

Expecting Unrealistic Goals

As a manager or boss, your business has a huge role to play in your life on both personal and professional level. It is more than just your source of income. It is a system that you have built and developed, and it shows the vision and dream you have in the world. Although for your staffs it may just be a job. As a business owner, you are probably constant thinking about business innovations and ideas. But your workers may not operate at the same rate, due to the fact that they have a different incentive structure level. It is vital to ensure that you are setting goals that are realistic for your employees for their positions. Employees that are over-labored will soon begin to look for the next available opportunity.

Not Managing the Experience of Your Staffs

New managers don’t always think about the employee’s experience. What is the type of work culture you are creating? Do you offer work that is challenging and engaging for your team? Do you have any room for advancement or career building for your staff? Retaining long-term staffs is crucial for your business to succeed. Some of the greatest factors influencing retention of employee are if employees love their work, blend with the culture of the company and see that they have the privilege to grow their careers also. Take the time to consider these vital issues like this and you will be in the positioned to retain the people that are most talented your field.

Business owners are saddled with the responsibility to manage teams. When you are always thinking as an business owner, knowing how you can manage and motivate your employees can be a very tedious task. Begin by paying attention to the way you communicate, focusing on the the work experience from your staff’s angle and making the most of workers’ insights. Workers with clear expectations on their performance, a manager who is devoted to making a strong organization and whose suggestion are accepted and used are the strongest assets you can have for long-term success.

Share with us some of the challenges have you passed through while running your business? Comment below and let us know about your own experiences.